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Where security strategically fits in your organization, by empowering you on an efficient security strategy and architecture.

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Our 20+ years of experience helps us to provide our clients a more secure environment and a realistic understanding of the risks that faces an organization. The remedy to reduce those risks are within the security capabilities. 

We are practical, providing the effective solution at the right moment without using the trendy terms like "shift left" and "shift right".

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The core mission behind all our work

-> Building a secure and strong security ecosystem
-> Maintaining customer trust and goodwill
-> Cutting unnecessary costs for security

Our Values

Embrace innovation and security for a continuous flow of secure business innovations


The Right mindset

Moving away from saying "No" and embrace the "How" to do things securely and together


The Suitable solution

Recognize chances to add value, participate in partnerships and collaboration, and improve overall cyber security posture


To be

Take some time to get away from your daily activities and think about new ideas


We strive to provide more than just solutions; we provide the greatest solutions supported by proven security tools.

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“By becoming the best asset discovery solution for Cloud and SaaS environments, we strive to grow with Shift Red to have an impact on the security market in Belgium and the Netherlands.”

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Jonh Carter
CEO at Company

“Collaboration between Ubisecure and Shift Red will make sure that we will approach complex security challenges together. The advanced (European) Identity Platform with flexible building blocks and deployment models is a perfect match."

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Dan Johnson
CEO at Company
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